Caring Your Teak Furniture

Everyone admit that teak furniture is the best way to enhance houses with finest quality furniture. Teak is one of tropical hardwood that has golden honey color to silvery gray when it ages. Well, if you used teak as indoor furniture probably it will not turn into gray color because it is not exposed with weather exchanges. On the other hand, if it is used as outdoors, the color obviously will turn into silvery gray, but most people let its color. Even it brings impression of strength and durable.

Teak furniture used for indoors usually finished, whether with colors or natural, to prevent from fungus, insect or mold also to improve its looks. The best way to expose teak indoor furniture is to expose its natural grain. Teak has beautiful natural grain and pattern, and most people love it left unfinished or naturally finished. Its rich honey colors create impression of luxury and elegant when set in the room. Therefore, some called teak as royal wood.

Naturally, teak wood has its own oil to protect from fungus, insect or even mold. However, apply a protector is also recommend to remain its beauty lasting longer. We also can use teak oil to protect the furniture, but teak oil should be reapplied within every three months, so it involves high maintenance. Otherwise, use gentle soap or mild laundry detergent with bleach mixed with water, the use

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soft bristle brush to clean your teak furniture. Since teak furniture is wonderful furniture, it should be treated carefully to obtain the best appearance for long term.