Modern Design Furniture

What furniture is suitable to modern life style? In fact, many of modern living spaces requires less ornamented furniture because they provides small spaces available. Some classic designed furniture or one made in renaissance design, made in big size and dimension in general, so it will not adjust in the small spaces.

Modern designed furniture is commonly made in simple and sleek design; most of them put function to the priority. Even though it less ornaments and decoration, it still gives attention to the aesthetic aspect. As said in Wikipedia, term of modern furniture refers to furniture that produced from the late 19th century until present, which kind of furniture has been influenced with modernism.

Teak Modern Furniture presents quality modern wood furniture that made from teak and combine with other materials to deliver quality and beauty to your house. various wood furniture available in a wide ranges of modern furniture collection, for instance, Alor collection, Borneo collection, Castelo collection, Dili collection and Marauke collection.  The collection divided into bedroom furniture set, dining room furniture set, and living room furniture set. The collection is dedicated to modern life style.