Living Room in Modern and Classic Style

p>Classical style of home interior does not mean you have to use any kind of furniture in classic and old-fashioned furniture. Everyone commonly identify classic with some old and fully decorated wood furniture, as expected, this style inspiration came from Europe in the Victorian era. Try to combine it with some modern furniture to refresh the appearance. Your classical home interior will not look like a old mansion and feels boring, instead it will look refreshing even though the theme is classic.

All classical furniture usually made in bigger size than modern furniture, especially made from teak. It is not only bigger but also heavier than any furniture. To get fresh and attractive impression in the room, so it does not feel heavy and narrow, modern furniture is the answer. Combining these two lines of design is great way to make a distinctive home interior. Do not get confused with the arrangement, for instance, if you have one big fully decorated cabinet in the living room, you have to lighten the appearance with some small living room set or use benches with cushions. You will get the appearance yet comfort. Low table or simple wooden coffee table also accomplishes the look.

Other elements like home decorations added the impression and ambiance in the living room. Classical style of chandelier made from crystal or the old one from your grandfather house enriches the appearance of your living room. Hanging home decoration like painting in modern style that great combined with your chandelier.

Big and heave curtain with bold colors also reminds us to classical style but it is only suitable if you have spacious living room. However, use curtain that made from light material and has bright color if your living room is not wide enough. Some patterns on it are allowed, but adjusted it with the living room. In addition, green plants, making this room feel more soft and alive. The result, though given a modern twist, this room does not lose the elegance of the style of classic style. However, it is not too heavy and impressive ancient. Everything is balanced, it will be easier, right?