Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Contemporary and Modern Furniture

Contemporary and modern furniture, of

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course, means something different to every generation. What was fresh and new in the 70s is somewhat less modern-looking nowadays… unless the household goes in for a bit of retro styling! Contemporary and modern furniture looks now tend to have a number of similar features, although with home furniture, the classification is somewhat looser than in the past, as there are a wide range of influences on contemporary and modern furniture household design.

What are Contemporary and Modern Furniture?

When looking at contemporary and modern furniture you will notice clean, crisp lines and chunky finishing. Coffee table legs are likely to be thick and square. Dining chairs may be high backed and have materials such as leather used along with solid wood, steel and other functional materials. Contemporary and modern furniture bedroom furniture is very individual too. Solid oak beds, for example, may be sleigh designed, or perhaps reflect international styling such as Indian furniture. At the moment classic solid oak wood with contemporary and modern furniture designs is very fashionable.

What modern furniture tends not to have is fancy finishes or flourishes. Materials such as solid teak wood furniture tends to be durable and long lasting, without excessive finishing. Often the solid wood used is clean cut to complement the simple designer furniture shapes.

What is the Best Material for Contemporary and Modern Furniture?

Teak wood furniture is a very durable material, able to withstand hard wear and tear from regular family or office use. Generally, it is much sturdier and hard wearing than other wood and hardwood furniture, for example mahogany wood. It does not damage as easily as other wood and hardwood furniture. The natural beauty of the grain can be enhanced by natural furniture wax polish, but the wood can also be stained to slightly alter its appearance to suit various tastes.

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