New Modern Arm Chair Outdoor and Indoor

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Wisanka launch new design product of Arm Chair for indoor and outdoor, this new original from wisanka designer, New Arm Chair design is perfect for patio chairs, dining chairs, outdoor and indoor cafes.

Bilawa Arm ChairBilwa Arm Chair is a contemporary furniture which gives the impression of modern style and minimalist and lightweight, because it uses aluminum material in combination with synthetic rattan woven with motifs truntum distinctively Javanese which means lead. With exposure arch in the foot that makes the product Bilwa Arm Chair become Elegant, powerful and luminous.Bilwa Arm Chair is suitable for dining chairs, outdoor, and indoor and patio chairs.

Trisha Arm Chair

Trisha Arm Chair is a design development of furniture for a patio seat and also can be used for dining chairs, outdoor or indoor. Using a combination of three materials: teak, aluminum frame, and woven webbing.
The concept of chair design simple, minimalist, light, modern and luminous. very suitable for patio chairs, dining chairs, outdoor and indoor, as well as the chair café.
the character arch that exposes the bottom hand makes Trisha Arm Chair looks elegant and exotic.

Kama Arm Chair

Kama Arm Chair is a modern outdoor furniture but can also be used for indoor who have the impression of comfort, modern and luminous. with a blend of 2 aluminum material on the backrest frame and stainless steel for the frame legs which give a solid impression and elegant.
with the addition of material woven rope, making this product looks exclusive and beat products on the market. is perfect for dining chairs, patio chairs, and chairs cafe outdoor or indoor.

Usha Arm ChairUsha Arm Chair is a modern product development outdoor Kama Arm Chair with a full aluminum frame and combined with woven rope is resistant to rain and heat. With characteristic arch at the foot of exposure make these products look elegant and exotic and unique.
Usha Arm Chair is perfect for patio chairs, dining chairs as well as outdoor and indoor cafe chairs.

Vimala Arm Chair

Vimala Arm Chair is perfect for outdoor dining chair and in particular for the seat cafe. By using an aluminum frame and arches that exposure to the legs, making Vimala looks very strong, elegant, and unique.
Vimala is combined with two black and white woven material so it does not seem monotonous.

Eshita Arm Chair

Eshita Arm Chair is the development of natural rattan seats but more simple and lightweight impressed with the combination of two synthetic rattan woven black and white makes this product an exclusive look. Eshita is very suitable for outdoor or indoor patio chair.

Sawara Arm Chair

Swara Arm Chair is one of the new design of wisanka Designer by using aluminum in the chassis as well as in combination with woven rope makes Swara Arm Chair impressed Elegant, exclusive, modern and seem mild. Swara is perfect for patio chairs, dining chairs, outdoor and indoor cafes.

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