Painting Powder coating on Furniture Frame

Painting Powder Coating on Furniture Frame
Today, the development of furniture both for indoor and outdoor very rapidly in accordance with the demands of the buyer or end user. Furniture that previously were dominated from the main material of wood, gradually began to shift to non-wood materials such as aluminum pipe, aluminum casting (cast), iron, copper, plastic and even stainless steel. The development of furniture made from materials other than wood, it is inevitable.


So the dependence on wood material, from furniture reduced to the development bias when. In order to meet this demand, then the furniture’s  entrepreneurs  should also be able to provide what the market demands today.


The use of wood can not be eliminated one hundred percent of the main furniture, such as tables, chairs. But the combination or blend of these materials, it greatly reduces dependence on the use of wood.

In Wisanka itself, for the combination of furniture that blends two or three kinds of material in a product, has been applied to outdoor furniture. Especially in 2006, development of the furniture of cast aluminum material, has already begun launched. Even had a boom or a trend for the market area of a particular country.

Subsequent developments, Wisanka also produce furniture with material of aluminum pipes coupled with stainless steel material. For the development of furniture with aluminum pipe material both the box and rounded, very rapid development.

Due to the type of furniture from a combination of aluminum pipe here, there is even furniture that no longer require the timber at all. For outdoor furniture, material aluminum pipe with a combination of plastic rattan is still needed today. For the use of materials from aluminum pipe as the main frame of a product should also be considered for aesthetic and strength is also mainly for its  aesthetic and constructions.

The basic color is silver-colored aluminum pipe, it may be common. However, to be combined with other materials, the necessary process of finishing, especially painting. Painting for aluminum pipe material, biased with a manual spray paint as it did for material for aluminum casting frame in the outdoor unit Wisanka. Painting furniture frames to be touched in this occasion more on powder coating paint system.

Perhaps for general or some people do not know what is Powder coating is. They are unfamiliar with powder coating paint system. But for those people who work in the furniture’s field, perhaps the term powder coating paint is not strange. Because the powder coating paint system has always been a requirement or demand from buyers who will order furniture with a combination of aluminum pipe with other materials such as rattan synthetics, batylene, fabrics, or a material made from woven fabrics which have been in weaving shaped

Painting powder coating has always been the provision of buyer demand when lowering the PO order furniture that using aluminum pipe, whether exposed or not. Actually, the painting powder coating techniques have been found since the 1960s in Australia. Painting technique which uses powder / powder which later known as powder coating. With the discovery of painting techniques by using this powder, the resulting painting is more powerful and durable as well as save the production process. ,

With the change from manual to automatic, it would make it easier for manufacturers engaged in painting to get results quickly and reduce the cost of high production costs so that the company can better profit.

A glimpse of the workings of the machine powder coating. Powder coating machine is a machine used to do the painting using material from powder or (powder). Which powder is usually loaded  static electricity.


The big difference than the powder coating with the usual wet paint is that powder coating paint thinners do not use wet paint thinner as usual. A coating method usually involves electrostatic and drying in the oven to form a layer Coating’s surface. Powder commonly used to coat the surface of metals such as iron and aluminum

Powder coating is fully dry finishing process. Consisting of pulverized particles, such as resin, pigments and other raw materials supplied electrostatically charged, and then sprayed onto the object to be coated or painted. The aluminum frame (Objects) that will be processed by Powder Coating is first cleaned of all forms including oil dirt and dust in order to reduce failures in the coating process (coating).


Working Process Powder Coating
The first cleaned metal products (blast cleaning) first, then coated with anti-rust liquid and dried.

Once it’s sprayed by paint powder / powder (powder application) selection of high quality with attractive colors in accordance with customer demand with electrostatic method (with the aid of a spray / spraybooth electrified).

Spraybooth method will make the paint powder / powder perfectly attached on the metal surface.
Further products are painted put in an oven, then heated at a temperature of 160-220 degrees Celcius (curing) to a powder paint / powder melted and adhered very strongly in the metal. Of process performance measurement and the operation of the unit and compared with the use of wet paint, it can be described as follows:

  1. With the modification of the workings of powder coating machines from manual system to an automated system using Central Control Module (CCM) will speed up the production process of painting.
    2. The CCM system can also save the amount of powder used, which was 1 Kg powder can only be to spray 6m2, then using the CCM bias to 8m2 and the paintwork is more flat and strong.


Breakthroughs and the development and adjustments in the application of technology must always be adjusted to the demands of emerging needs. In order for the benefits of technological progress refractive bring more benefits to address emerging needs progress.




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