Monika sun lounger

Santa Monika sunbed
One of sun loungers collection in modern outdoor division – Wisanka, is Monika sun lounger. Monika sun lounger is one that simply asked for by the buyer because the combination is quite unique.
Monika is a kind of sun lounger for outdoor furniture teak wood combined with which batyline. Batyline here, we use the brand Ferrari. For the strength and merit of Ferrari batyline, please directly visit at
Averagely, loungers need cushion to make it more comfort when used. On its Monika sun lounger, you still get comfort even no cushion at all. Because of the nature of slightly pliable batyline as Cain but strong. Feels comfortable and not harsh on its surface. In addition, the option to color batyline themselves are quite varied : black, white, Brown, grey, antracite,green and others.
This product, it is not much use, though teak wood for the frame of her still wearing teak.
There are 2 types of Monila sun lounger, with arm and without arm. It all depends on the tastes and interest of consumers.
As we know that teak wood is the most powerful and durable for outdoor furniture. For construction on its packing, Monika sun lounger will be full assembled.
With cubication per item in a box of about 0.48 m3. It does quite need space, but also for the size of the single, sun lounger are indeed having average cubication in that range. Except if it was knocked down, it’s more streamlined again. For Monika sun lounger, made of full assembly for easy users. Because it is a little complicated to do assembling when it was knocked down, especially for the installation on its batyline. For outdoor products, batyline, which uses a combination of both chairs, sun lounger, recliner, all of them the construction are full assembled.
Some of the advantages of fixed furniture construction/full assembled include:
1. More easy, practical and efficient because it does not need to assemble it first
2. Applicable because you could use directly when you buy
3. Does not require assembly instructions
4. Effective cost
That’s the brief info for items of our  Monika sun lounger … … may be useful and we wait for the order from you then.

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