Michael bench set in aluminium casting and teak

Michael bench set in aluminium casting and teak.

Michael bench set is the product of the set consisting of one table and 2 benches. On its desk is made of teak wood for the top of the table and frame of aluminium casting for his feet. The product table with a length of 220 cm, arguably quite exotic combined with 2 benches. Sometimes there are also putting tables into the wall with only 1 bench only. It all depends on the tastes of the buyer. Normal table with a height of 75 cm is enough and fit for set with stools with a height of 45 cm. good table and the bench combined from teak wood, and aluminum casting, making this set of products have the authenticity and a very riveting appearance to be seen and occupied. For the bench, did not wear the wooden backrest. But without a backrest that make an impression the more sturdy and strong. Mix the material aluminium casting and teak wood that is very strong and contrast. For the bench length 190cm already fitting when set right with his table in a long 220cm. Construction for the table and stools are knocked down. So it can be assembled by yourself when it is available the destination. The Assembly process have also been very simple assembly instructions included with either table or his seat.

aluminium casting and teak
aluminium casting and teak

For packaging on its bench using a carton box with average cubication 0.22 m3 and 0.51 m3 per box. So for loadability can contain a lot more because it uses system knocked down are expected to be more effective and disappear in the loading of goods in containers. The item table and the bench is, indeed for furniture outside of the room. Or maybe it could be for the terrace, which has a size large. Enjoy our product. Hopefully the product updates to our collection of modern outdoor furniture, could add little insight into you and congratulations on buying our products.

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