Choosing Living Room Table

Choosing the Living Room Table.

The beauty of a room if its properly arranged could comfort the people who are in it.
It is worth applying primarily to the living room that gives the guest impression of our house as a whole.
In this case, one of the most important elements to be prioritized is the Living Room Table.
The table in the living room should be able to sustain the elements of space clearly, design, color, durability, size, and so forth noteworthy.
This time we will discuss more deeply the elements that we should consider before choosing the right table for the living room.

Space between the table and other furniture, especially chairs or sofas, should be seriously noted.
The distance between the table and other furniture should be fitted, not too far, and not too close.
Space at a distance should be enough for someone to walk on two legs in unison, not too narrow until someone has to walk with one foot slowly to get through it.
Also not too wide, guests should be able to pick up items they put on the table without too bowed their bodies

High table should also be considered and should fit. Not too high and not too low. Keep the height of the table the size or higher slightly from the cushion of the chair or sofa, do not select a table that is lower than the chair because it will make it difficult for guests to take the goods, not too high, because it will change the impression of space resembling the dining room.

• Customize the design with the theme of the room.

Have you set the theme or the color of the room? Make sure you choose a table that matches the style, concept or theme of the living room.
If you have not set a room theme, here are table designs that you can consider.

Glass table.
Glass table though heavier but suitable to be paired with any themed room. The glass table also gives the impression of a clean room, and also easier to clean from any dirt.

Wooden table.
Wooden table in question is made of wood and has original wood motif that is not given any other color. This type of table can give a natural and warm impression to the room.

Round table.
The round table is suitable for families with young children who are active. The round table is safer because it has no angle that can hurt the child.

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