Tuba Bedside

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Kat TV Stand

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Bedroom with Comfort

Bedroom is a personal place to rest and relax, so everyone will decorate his or her bedroom as comfortable as possible. It is purposed to obtain ultimate comfort and coziness in order to support the dwellers activities in the bedroom. For some people, bedroom even used for other purposed like a workroom or study room. […]

Modern Teak in the Living Room

leapard 10.5 p>Living room is one of public area in the house, where all the dwellers enjoy activities together from watching television, have warm conversation or enjoy reading your favorite magazines on your modern teak furniture with cup of hot chocolate. Living room is a multifunction room that accommodates all activities of the dwellers. In […]

Modern Teak in Dining Room

In the present day, mostly of home interior is decorated in modern line of design. It is because of the line of design is suitable for modern home living space, which requires simple, sleek and functional furniture. Modern furniture is popular among other furniture designs because the furniture gives priority to the function. Besides, small […]

Teak Bedroom Furniture

Simple and stylish perhaps it is the most common style of home interior in modern living spaces. People tend to decorate the house with minimalist style of home décor and interior.  Modern teak furniture is considered as the perfect match to any modern living space. Why teak? Minimalist is commonly associated with stiff and cold […]

Teak Furniture Modern or Old-Fashion

What would you choose modern teak furniture or others in classic style? The answer of course would be different to each other, due to the personal taste of each dwellers and homeowner. Teak furniture in modern line of design has been very popular since early 20th century. It is influenced by social movement and the […]

Modern Furniture for Life Style

Many people prefer to choose modern furniture in accordance to its style fitted to the space available. Although some people opt for modern furniture is for being update to the latest trend of home interior design. All modern furniture has something in common that is simplicity. They are designed to give priority to function and […]

Teak Furniture in Modern Line

Teak usually associated with classic and traditional design of furniture. Since many of crafted furniture is made from teak wood, especially from finest teak wood. The price offered is also comparable to the quality provided, therefore, teak furniture considered as luxury furniture.  Today more furniture manufacturers create modern line of teak furniture, to fulfill worldwide […]

Modern Teak Furniture Borneo Collection

Color is the best way to obtain any impression or ambiance you wish for your room or house. When you need to change the home interior, everyone would suggest you to change the wall paint or wallpaper with new color. It is fast and changes the atmosphere instantly. Many paint colors are offered in building […]