Composite Decking – A Non-Slip Decking Alternative to Traditional Wood Systems

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Wooden decking is gaining popularity year upon year. But, the risks of safety of wet decking are commonplace. An issue in both winter and summer is the ‘slip factor’ and it is not necessarily down to the wood being wet, but rather fungus and algae that grows on the wood surface that has been soaked with rain, especially when rotting has taken place.

There are numerous decking solutions available and with each, there are factors to consider before installing in public areas. Softwood decking is the lowest cost option. However, the nature of the wood means that it can splinter, warp and rot much more easily. The afore-mentioned moss and also algae like to grow on soft wood, so the slip factor is a real issue. Regular and thorough maintenance is therefore essential to prevent the deck from getting very slippery and to keep it looking in good condition. This tends to be time consuming and weather dependent as well as the chemical treatments being quite expensive.

Hardwood decking is made from much more durable woods. It still requires regular maintenance to avoid algae growth, distortion and splinters and it is equally as flammable as softwood decking. From an environmental perspective, it is not as sustainable as softwood decking, especially the tropical hard woods. Hardwood decking includes; balau hardwood decking, hardwood timber decking, oak decking and teak decking.

It is important to remember that timber decking will fade or change colour with time and exposure to weather. For many people this is a desired outcome but for others is has sometimes come as a disappointment that, for example, the beautiful brown hardwood deck that was installed gradually weathers to a silver grey!

Another decking option is metal decking. It should be noted that metal decking is susceptible to distortion and warping in hot temperatures and the metal also radiates heat, sometimes becoming hot underfoot.

A solution becoming more and more popular due to its many benefits is non-slip composite decking. A leading brand is Raaft Terrafina, which is a high quality composite decking system. This attractive wood and pvc mix decking offers robust performance and durability, whilst providing elegant aesthetics, and is an environmentally sound alternative to tropical hardwood decking systems. Raaft Terrafina has been extensively tested for slip resistance (with excellent results) and won’t warp, rot or splinter. It creates a beautiful contemporary feel to any outdoor deck and is complimented on its finish as being “more than just ‘fake wood’. easy to install and is suitable for public places, largely due to its durability and non-slip nature.

The system comes in a selection of colours and finishes and is very fast to install thanks to it’s unique clip and clamp system. It’s well suited to all decking applications including; balconies, roof top terraces, restaurants and hotels, harbour walks, leisure areas, schools, shopping centres as well as residential areas.

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