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When the days grow longer and the summer heat sinks in, spending time outdoors can become irresistible. While some people enjoy firing up the grill whenever the weather is nice, and other people prefer simply to curl up outdoors with a good book, most everyone can agree that it’s not hard to have an enjoyable time outdoors with the right patio furniture. Chairs, grills, and benches are often the most common pieces of an outdoor setup, but there are a few less obvious additions that any summer evening can benefit from.

For instance, most people know that an outdoor room isn’t complete without somewhere cozy to sit, and so porch swings or patio benches are a common addition to any collection. But there are ways to get even more relaxation to add to your collection. While patio benches and chairs are nice, there’s nothing that eases the discomfort of a stressful week quite like reclining in a hammock. If you’re missing out on this because you don’t have two posts to tie your hammock up with, don’t worry – a huge number of manufacturers now make hammocks that include their own stand, so that you can put them anywhere to take a load off and catch up on your reading.

For a more practical way of upgrading the patio furniture you sit on, think about looking into a storage bench. If you’re tight for space, or just want somewhere to store your grill supplies, sunscreen, frisbees etc. so that they don’t take up unnecessary space, storage benches, or “bench boxes,” can be a simple and smart solution. This way, you don’t have to disrupt your design to store your essentials.

There are some additions to your outdoor design that, even though they’re small, can completely change the way you live outside. The one thing that every outdoor lover knows is that certain sacrifices have to be made to spend time outdoors – namely, getting bitten up by pesky bugs. Luckily, this might be a thing of the past. Citronella, a grassy plant, can be a great and simple addition to your patio furniture that naturally deters pesky mosquitoes. Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry. Citronella extract also comes in incense or candles that give off a grassy and citrusy scent and can also keep your bug problem at bay.

The last essential part of any collection of patio furniture might surprise you, because it’s not actually a piece of furniture itself. However, it might be the most important addition to your collection. Next time you’re at a home supply store, consider tossing a set of furniture sliders into your shopping cart. These are small discs that you can place under the feet of any furniture in order to slide them when you want to rearrange them, so you won’t have to hurt your back attempting to lift a set. The best part is that they’re cheap and will last as long as your patio furniture does – or even longer.

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