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When outdoor furniture is needed to enhance a space, there are several materials to choose from, including wrought iron, resin and aluminum. While all are practical options, many of today’s homeowners are choosing wrought iron for its resilience and elegance outdoors. Quality furnishings provide years of rust-free use and require little maintenance. They can also be painted to coordinate with the color scheme of other furniture as needed. It is appropriate for a variety of settings, from the garden to the front porch to the open back yard. Here’s a look at how it can be used to enhance these areas and more.


For the gardener with a large area of flowers, bushes and a pretty view, benches or chairs are a fitting addition. Set them at the entrance or alongside a path. They provide a comfortable resting spot for long and winding paths or a cozy spot to curl up with an book or a tablet. Wrought iron is unaffected by rain or water from the sprinkler system. In fact, when covered in pollen, it can be hosed down or dusted when preparing for guests.


An outdoor patio is a proper setting for durable yet attractive furniture. The wide array of choices range from a dining table and chairs to benches, bar seating and loungers. Add an end table by any type of seating to provide guests with a place to set their snacks, drinks and electronic devices. Cushions can be added for a more casual look or for extra color and comfort.


Decks are typically places with a focal point. Wrought iron furniture coordinates well with barbecue grills, table tennis tables and dining areas. They also work well for poolside seating, sundecks social circles and simply enjoying the view. A folding lounger with wheels can be moved at will as the shade creeps across the deck, allowing for the maximum sun or shade.

Front Porch

One way to make guests feel welcome is to provide outdoor seating by the front door. It adds an inviting element, especially when friends or family show up unexpectedly. A bench or armchair on the front porch provides a relaxing place to sit and wave to passersby or simply enjoy the weather.

Back Yard

Not everyone has a structured back yard. A grouping of wrought iron chairs and end tables by a grove of trees provides a gathering place for family members, guests and neighbors. This is also ideal for caregivers watching children or older parents, especially if there is no deck or patio to provide boundaries. Benches provide a quiet alcove to enjoy some fresh air and a bit of shade.

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