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String lights have been used for quite a long time for the decoration purpose for both indoor and outdoor events. No matter what the event is, these lights find its presence in the decoration for almost every occasion. This is due to their flexibility and as well as their availability in different shapes and colours. String lights are mostly used for the outdoor events and parties as these add up to the festive ambiance of the event. Many a times, people use them to decorate their patios as well. This is because, when these lights are used with appropriate voltage and in proper colour combinations, they can even create a relaxing environment for the evenings.

Outdoor String lights are available in various shapes and sizes in the market. Also, one can find various types of these lights such as:

• Rope Lights: These are the LEDs enclosed within the vinyl pipes. They are so called because of their resemblance to the rope. The rope lights are easy to hang,easy to store and easy for installation.

• Net lights: These lights are basically a mesh of interconnected LEDs and are mainly laid to on the bushes to enhance the landscape lighting appearance.

• Shimmer Spheres: Shimmer spheres are made up of several mini lights connected into a ball.

String lights offer many advantages when compared to other outdoor and landscape decoration options. As these lights are flexible, they can be used or laid down on any objects. They can be draped around the tree to make it appear more lively or can be laid on the bush to enhance the landscape appearance. These lights can also be hanged form the roof or the wall to decorate the patio. There are no limitations on the arrangement of the lights, one can arrange them as per his creative ideas.

The second advantage these lights offer is that they are inexpensive and thus serves the decorative means without much investment.

Thirdly most of these lights are made using LEDs which consume less electricity. There are also Solar String lights available which requires to be charged during the day light and can be used in the evenings to brighten up the Party event.

And finally, these are available in connectible form, which makes them easier to arrange in any possible sequence. Some of these lights are available in a manner that even when one light in the string burns out, the lights will run.

String lights can enliven the event only when these lights are chosen appropriately. Before purchasing the string lights, one must consider the theme of the event. Based on this, one can decide on to the type of the lights required example for a birthday party event can be decorated using dragons or dragonfly shaped bulbs on strings one. A patio can be decorated with lights of low voltage and so on. Before buying the string lights one also needs to consider the area of the landscape. Also one should check out the User compatibility of these lights as with other electrical appliance.

Thus STRING LIGHTS are an all round element for outdoor party decor.

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