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Outdoor furniture has become increasingly valued as an important piece of furniture often extending ones living quarters into the backyard. When are season, regrettably, draws to end many of us wonder what to do with all our patio furniture. Given our investment its difficult to face the reality of watching our patio furniture sitting on our decks and patios over the winter months.

There are several different types of patio furniture, cast aluminum and outdoor wicker are most popular. Regardless, of the material its safe to say that covering your garden furniture is the best practable. Given this let us offer you some helpful tips. When purchasing a protective cover for your patio set be aware that you no longer have to buy a table cover separate from a chair cover. Now buy a protective cover that will fit over your entire set. This is not only more practable but also more cost-effective for the customer.

Try and find a cover that has drawn strings so you can secure the cover. This will prevent your cover both blowing off or opening up and letting the elements inside the covered area. Don’t settle for just a plastic tarp you would find at your local big box store. These types of tarp’s often crack in the cold making them almost useless when you need it the most.

Find a cover that is constructed out of a rhinoweave fabric. This fabric will hold up in the severe cold, it wont crack nor fade. Rhinoweave fabric is also breathable so if any moisture is trapped the fabric can breathe resisting mold and mildew. Given the popularity of outdoor wicker furniture including deep seating and sectional many of us are also faced with storing cushions.

Outdoor cushions should be stored in an area that won’t affected by moisture and should only be stored once they are completely dry. Storing outdoor cushions while they are damp or wet may result mildew forming within the cushions foam breaking down the foam.

Remember when storing your patio furniture to always make sure they are completely dry. Visit InsideOut Patio to learn more about outdoor patio furniture covers. If we don’t have what you need for winter covers we can always make it for you.

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