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Pine resin, also known as pitch, is the organic secretion that pine trees produce following an open wound to the bark. Much like our blood coagulates to form a scab and stop bleeding, when a tree undergoes a cut or broken limb, it will produce resin to close up the wound, protecting it from pest infestation and infection. Once the pitch is exposed to the outdoor air, it hardens, forming a strong barrier against harsh environmental elements.

If you can understand how pine resin helps trees, you can certainly imagine how it can be useful in our lives as well! Continue reading to learn the top ways pine resin can be applied in everyday life.


Since pine pitch is very viscous, sticky, and hardens quickly, it is often used as a natural adhesive. It must first be heated to a melted, liquid state, and then mixed with crumbled or powdered charcoal. This is usually done as 3 parts resin and 1 part charcoal. This glue can have unlimited applications, including tools, shoes, seals, and more.

Waterproofing and Water Leaks

One of the best attributes of pitch is its impermeable surface. It is essentially waterproof, so it can be heated down to a liquid form and used to seal anything that can be disturbed by moisture. This includes wood furniture, shoes, boats, metal seams and joints, buckets, canvas, heavy nylon, and more.

Medicine and Health

Historic Native Americans were known to use pine resin for medicinal applications. They would chew on it like gum, or mix it with water, to help relief common health implications, including rheumatoid arthritis and stomach ulcers. It is also suggested by many that it can be applied as temporary stitching to stop heavy bleeding, and to treat certain wounds since it may contain antibacterial properties. Although convincing, it is important to note that these medicinal applications have yet to be verified by modern-day medical experts. Talk to your doctor before trying any of these remedies.

Fire Starter

In addition to its various attractive and useful properties, pitch is also very flammable. Not only does this mean that you must take great care when using it, it also means it can be used as the perfect fire starter. This is especially helpful when trying to start a fire in damp weather conditions. As a reliable fire starter, it is no surprise that pine resin can also be used to produce heat and light. It can be used to make a lamp or a natural space heater!

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