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When it comes to picking furniture pieces to be placed all around your house, it is important to decide what type of material you want the furniture to be made of. It can be from plastic, metal, or wood. Wooden furniture is still a favorite. The reason is simply because it is easy to find, the maintenance is quite easy, and it will complement your home wonderfully. Picking a wooden furniture piece can sometimes be quite tricky though. There are many types of wood out there and you have to pick the proper one or otherwise your furniture will not last as long as you expect.

You might want to consider teak wood and mahogany wood. They are commonly used in Indonesia to make furniture with. Antique furniture pieces made from these woods are usually carved in a very artistic and unique manner. Sadly, they are not easy to find. Nearby furniture stores might not sell pieces made from teak or mahogany wood, so you might need to find them elsewhere. But you need not worry anymore. There are lots of online stores that sell furniture made with these materials. All you have to do is do a bit of research first to get a better knowledge about these woods so you will be able to pick the right furniture for every corner of your house.

What you need to know about teak wood and mahogany wood is that each of them has their own characteristics. Mahogany is usually reddish brown in color while teak wood is dark brown. As for the texture, both have the same rough surface. Teak wood is a really good material and it is best to be made into outdoor furniture pieces. On the other hand, mahogany wood is better to be made into indoor furniture because it is prone to rotting and should not be exposed to direct sunlight as it causes the color to fade. In terms of maintenance, Mahogany needs more regular maintenance than Teak wood because of its propensity to rot. Teak is more resilient, thus easier to maintain. However, it will not be much a problem if you put your mahogany furniture indoors. As mentioned before, it is better for indoor use.

All of the information above is really important to know if you want to purchase furniture made with Teak or Mahogany. To conclude, mahogany is more suitable for indoor use, while teak is the best wood for outdoor furniture.

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