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Teak wood trees usually grow in tropical countries like Africa, Burma, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Thailand. These places have therefore become the largest source of teak wood. Teak wood has extensive strength and weather and termite resistant properties due to high percentage of teak-oil content. The oil does not permit water to enter the wood. Due to this unique property, teak wood is used to extensively in shipbuilding industry.

The older the teak trees are, the more the number of annular rings within the trunk. When the trunk is cut and sawn into planks for use in making furniture, these annular rings show up in part as psychedelic designs which enhance the beauty of the furniture. This unique property of the teak wood makes it very much in demand for making teak furniture all over the world.

Teak furniture has a very soft and oily feel on the surface and along with its natural ingrained designs, lends itself to aesthetic appeal. Tables, chairs and sofa and other home furniture are regularly made out of teakwood. Sometimes, the carpenter does not even polish the external surface of furniture but allows it to be exposed to the air. In a few days, the surface acquires a soft oily feel and makes the furniture look elegant.

Termites cannot attack teakwood. In fact, they get repelled by the naturally present oil within the wood. This is one quality that we must remember whenever we buy furniture. It requires hardly any maintenance. The wood is quite heavy and hence they are commonly used in making wardrobes, sofa sets, tables and kitchen cupboards. This is one major benefit of using teakwood since it requires zero maintenance. If you are planning to fill your house with furniture and if you have a good taste, go for teak furniture.

Teak wood is easy to cut and also to design. These qualities are useful in making certain ornate seats for the garden and portico. Left unpolished, they get exposed to the wind and climate and age beautifully. While the wood is expensive, it is worth going for. Some of the early ships were built using teak wood because of their termite and water-resistant property. It is long-lasting.

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