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You have thought long and hard on what type of furniture you want in your garden and have decided to settle on furniture made from Teak but buying teak garden furniture can be a complicated process, the following tips will help to make it effortless and simple.

1. Try to always buy your furniture pre-assembled this means that its delivered to you ready to use, if it does come flat packed or in several components be sure to check with the retailer that any joints are held with wooden dowels not brass or metal screws. Screws tend to be difficult to get tight and can often break inside the joint rendering the furniture unstable or broken!

2. Try to buy chairs that have no moving parts, although reclining chairs sound like a good idea they are prone to jam and eventually break, this is regardless of how much you pay for them. If at all possible always buy chairs that are in a fixed non moving shape.

3. There are many different shapes of table available but the most popular are oval and round, oval are good for long narrow patios and decks but if you have enough space a round table is much better especially for social gatherings as everyone can see and talk unhindered.

4. Many retailers will try to blind you with science by telling you about the different grades of teak but this is generally waffle and can be disregarded. Much more important is the presence of knots, wood filler and natural holes as this can have a negative effect on the furniture by causing the wood to split and crack causing it to have a much shorter lifespan. These imperfections are often hidden underneath the table or bench so get down on your hand knees and have a good look around.

5. Many retailer will try to force a huge range of add ons such as teak oil, varnish, patinizer and weather proof covers but you do not need to buy any of them. Teak garden furniture will last many years with only the occasional wash with soapy water. Make sure you buy from an established business regardless of if it’s a real bricks and mortar store or an online website. Its always a good idea to ensure there are contact details such as company name, address and real telephone number not just a mobile number or email address and finally don’t forget to Google the company name, its surprising what Google can show about a so called reputable company!

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