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Today, outdoor gazebos are popular structures that can significantly add to the view of a park or yard. They can be a place of retreat disconnected from the household. They are available in many shapes and styles, so you are sure to find one to fit your garden or yard. There are 4-sided designs, 5-sided and all the way up to large 12-sided structures, not to mention the irregular shaped ones like rectangles and ovals. You can easily have them fully built in the shop first to make sure nothing is overlooked. Gazebo kits can be shipped complete with all parts fully planned, pre-cut, routered, notched, sanded, and sealed.

Cedar gazebos are made of a combination of imported and western red cedar for uniform color and strength. Alternatively, pop-up and canvas gazebos are available, which are quick and easy to install. For those with limited space who still want shelter for their hot tub, lip-mounted ones are also available, but there are pros and cons to this design. On the plus side, although they don’t have a walk-in entrance, lip-mounted gazebos only require the space that the hot tub requires and are less expensive.

Shoji gazebos are very popular and these are well equipped with double adjacent side walls with the facility of the windows through which one can see the outside of the gazebo. Although wooden gazebos are beautiful at first, their beauty soon fades, requiring ongoing maintenance of painting, staining, sealing, sanding and scraping. Vinyl gazebos, arbors, picnic tables and benches are maintenance free so once they’re up you can sit back and enjoy yourself since you’ll have nothing else to do but rinse them off occasionally.

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