Newest modern outdoor furniture from Indonesia

Newest modern outdoor furniture from Indonesia

Indonesia has long been well-known as one of prominent furniture manufacturer country. The tropical country has a diverse variety of native woods with its unique characteristics, such as mahogany, albasia, teak, rosewood, and much more. One of the most favorable furniture collections from Indonesia is the modern outdoor furniture. As a tropical archipelago, the beach […]

The Concept of Modern Furniture for Home

The concept of furniture has evolved remarkably over the years. From the Medieval & Victorian days of huge banquet tables & heavy wooden couches to the more bean bags and chic sofas, furniture has arrived long away. The post World War 2 period saw a wide spread industrial revolution. Many major industries were mechanized and […]

Modern Furniture from Indonesia

People, who live in modern living space such as apartment, commonly prefer to use modern furniture also. Wood furniture in modern style is made in simple style and designs in general, as well less ornament and gives priority to its function. Therefore, people love modern furniture, the furniture help them to maximize the use of […]